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Tentative List of Explanations Regarding UFO Phenomena

1) Ancient Astronauts – were physical beings and seemed to have had space travel ability and probably could engineer on a planetary scale (as in moon-sized artificial objects – e.g., the numerous oddities of Iapetus, our own Luna, and other satellite bodies). Probably genetically created the human race as a slave species to do menial work for them but in time allowed humanity to progress (but with some bumps along the way and dissension). Ancient literature speaks to this a great deal and with much oddness of details that can be so easily correlated to a more or less sensible process of scientific genetic engineering. The thousands of stone circular formations, food production terraces, and ancient gold mines in South Africa validate the various thesis derived from the ancient mythic material – as does the edifice of Baalbek, Lebanon. Ancient accounts also speak of sexually mixing with Humanity to produce a hybrid race of a greater stature than normal humanity – Western mythology and global mythology is replete with this particular lore. All this goes toward indicating that they had to have been physical in a biological sense – not some sort of non-material beings from some other dimension. These guys are probably still around though their interaction with humanity, if is occurring right now, appears to have gone covert and has remained covert.

2) Post Third Reich craft following WWII. What crashed at Roswell and the Kenneth Arnold sightings of flying wings probably come under this category. Roswell took place nearby to the only military base in the world at the time hosting atomic weapons and aircraft capable of delivering them. The Kenneth Arnold sightings were not particularly far from the Hanford site, which the about page for that says:

“The Hanford Site sits on 586-square-miles of shrub-steppe desert in southeastern Washington State. Beginning in 1943, the site was used to produce plutonium for the bomb that brought an end to World War II. After a short lull, production was ramped up in 1947 to meet the challenges of the “Cold War” and continued until 1987 when the last reactor ceased operation.”

Perhaps the Foo Fighter mystery is explained by Axis alliance advanced weapons research as well. Not sure on the LA attack that occurred during the war. The post war Nazis had lots of money and sphere of control (a former Nazi worked to kick off the European Common Market, the CIA grafted on the Eastern Europe wing of former Nazi intelligence apparatus, several hundred former military and some scientific Nazis went to work in Egypt, the list goes on and on). The post war Nazi apparatus may very well have in large part skillfully played the super powers against each other during Cold War – such as inflating and distorting intelligence fed to their CIA handlers. They effectively infiltrated Western defense establishment where those ex-Nazis operating externally and independently interacted and made use of Paper Clip scientist. This went on to the extent of changing the complexion of our national defense establishment to where even in Eisenhower’s final tenure in office, he was disturbed and warned the nation against its military industrial complex. What followed were controversial assassinations through the 60s as well as false flag operations (Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Bush’s Niger Yellow Cake, Bush’s Saddam WMDs, etc., etc.) through the years, culminating in the incident of Sept. 11, 2001 where collapse of the third building WTC7 gave the whole game away. All this speaks to the Nazification in mentality of the Western industrial defense establishment. Flying triangular craft are probably products of this covert civilization that is splitting away from publicly visible civilization ala Richard Dolan’s thesis of a breakaway civilization.

3) Non-physical beings that intrude into our reality context. A lot of intrusions into people’s bedrooms at night is of this category. These beings seem to be interested in harvesting a form of energy from us. Their native reality context is probably nothing like ours and their currency of existence seems to revolve around consciousness energy (soul energy). They seem to have the ability to mimic sociological phenomena and hence masquerade as other things. Some UFO abduction (if not pretty much all) may really just be these manner of beings.

4) Time travelers? There are some cases that seem to point to this.

5) Angelic Soul Beings – these tend to be the cases where these beings manifest to help human beings. They’re probably what we are when in our full Soul incarnation of existence. Though some of these angelic beings may not ever incarnate into human lives yet assist in various ways those that are on this particular learning curriculum.

6) Actual physical beings from other planets – I think that is what the Ancient Astronauts were originally. The basic Prometheus (the film) narrative premise of life on Earth originating through directed panspermia and that humanity itself is a product of this process, better fits the actual facts than anything else that has been put forth. Whether there are other cases of beings from other planets, that are physical as we are, and are coming here in space craft (and doing so in current historical time frame)…well, that’s kind of tough to decide. The non-physical beings that intrude from other dimensional realities tend to make it a very perplexing matter to sort out, as that manner of entities seems adept at latching onto Mankind’s cultural memes and veiling their activities in those memes as a weird (but not really effective) subterfuge.

7) Disincarnate beings that are channeled – I see too many of these cases that seem to be mostly interested in taking human beings for a ride and messing with them. Perhaps there was a legitimate source behind a few – am thinking like perhaps the Course on Miracles body of material. So many of these cases end up turning kind of negative and trickster in nature, though. Some of these disincarnate beings seem to really like establishing religious cults and warping human beings via their psychologically skillful manipulations.

8) Alternate reality beings or astro plane beings. There are also the encounters with a possibly objective existence (but different reality context) that is experienced via DMT use – per Rick Strassman, MD research reported in his book and video, “DMT – The Spirit Molecule”. This is along the lines of thinking that our physical brain is a mere transceiver and via the physical senses our consciousness is only able to perceive a highly constrained form of reality. DMT may uninhibit our consciousness from this limitation in some manner such that our consciousness can tune into and be aware of either a greater reality context or alternate reality context. These category of beings would be the spirit beings that shaman have interacted with for millennia if not tens of thousands of years (shamanic cave art work).

9) Our own Higher Self (our Soul identity existence that experiences multitudes of incarnated lives), our Spirit Guides, and Soul Group. Michael Newton’s books on this seem to be a pretty fair assessment as I’ve cross-correlated it to a number of other lines of information (such as a 19th century French source that reports very much the same information and still has a significant following in modern era such as in Brazil). Plus, the Michael Newton and Brian Weiss distilled body of information definitely align with my own personal experiences, i.e., the Awakening process traversed through a pattern and continues to operate in a manner that aligns with that paradigm.

Why is it worth investigating the UFO phenomena?

Though interested in youth as many are, I resisted (avoided) this subject area through most of adulthood. Yet my study of ancient mythology/history and the on-going validation of the Ancient Astronaut thesis kept placing it in my periphery. Again, personal experience in 2009 tipped the scales.

If you’re a committed truth seeker, the primary reason you might devote some time of inquiry into the UFO subject matter is that the matrix of our society goes all out to discourage paying serious attention to the matter. To seek toward truth it seems to be necessary to always go against the grain. History demonstrates that important break throughs come about by going against the grain of whatever constitutes the matrix at the time.

Richard Dolan puts it well, though, in that this is not a straightforward endeavor:

“If only it were so easy: one simple red pill and all is revealed. In reality, we must take red pills on a regular basis, since the illusions of our world are in many layers. We realize something new, something important, and that gives us clarity for a little while. Soon we notice other oddities and discrepancies, and we realize we need to go further. And so it goes.”

Excerpt from: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: Introduction

Awakening 101 – the baby step of gnosis

There’s really nothing partisan in what well known commentator, Bill Moyers, has to say in this video essay. It is simply a basic statement of the delusional nature of the so-called political arena.

It is an understanding that any engaged, rational person should have awoken to realize by now – that the mainstream presentation of daily reality encompassing the political arena and the media cannot be taken at face value, but instead is a system being worked exclusively by a very narrow group of insiders to their exclusive advantage.

None of the public facing political parties are at this top helm of control, but instead political parties, just as the “mainstream” media, are merely tools used to control, manipulate, and above all divert all others that are outside this narrow self-appointed conclave of elites.

This is basic Awakening 101 – the very most elementary transition of paradigm understanding that one undergoes. If you haven’t made it this far in the process yet, then you haven’t even gotten on 1st base.

Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy

A Very Compelling Case

The linked audio podcast is hosted on Mike Clelland’s Hidden Experience web site.

Mike and I are a year apart in age, born in same month, only differing by a few days as to the day of the month. I have a lot of parallel experiences to those of Mike and he remarked to me that I fit in this informal, but uncanny, profile of those that have contacted him via his web site presence – numeric synchronicity, waking life event synchronicities, experiencer of unusual “encounters”, etc.

My own bent has been more so into general esoteric research with a lot of emphasis on nature of reality/consciousness, human origins, and actual human history vis a vis ancient astronaut theory – but not so much on UFO phenomena.

Mike, however, very much researches that area of human experience (UFO phenomena).

Naturally all these subject areas ultimately intertwine with one another and really can’t be examined in absolute isolation (though that is very much the bias of our civilization’s predominate reductionist methodology).

The case represented here is astounding in respect to multiple witness of three different independent groups, commonality in witness reports, commonality of physical effects/evidence on witness bodies, unusual physical evidence collected from the occurrence site, the level of scientific nature (and seriousness) of the investigation. However, it was the months following the initial event that intrigued me as it meshed so completely with other phenomenal experience that am very familiar with. So in that ones sees an inkling of some sort of grand unification theory to underlay this wide range of reported high strangeness.

Kelly Cahill interview

Open source 3D printed robot project

This article is perhaps a harbinger of where the 3D printing revolution is heading – the complete democratization of human ingenuity. Consider that the person that is the subject of the linked article is an artist and sculptor, and sort of stumbled into the phenomenon of 3D printing. His initial interest started with just making a prosthetic hand mockup but has since morphed to a functional robotic human upper torso (see video). By posting CAD files on an Internet site, others were intrigued, download the files to print their own parts and make their own variations of the robot. The artist/sculptor then went on to teach himself the rudiments of programming the electronics that drives the servos, as well as speech recognition libraries that enable the robot to respond to commands.

There is certainly a lot of low cost gear for embedded electronics but 3D printing is the coupling of a very important facet. In times past it would have been difficult to make or come by the parts that comprise much of this robot. And the idea that it is entirely feasible for a community of enthusiast to innovate together on such projects… But it all started from one individual that had to teach himself – driven by curiosity and fascination.

Video of the robot:

It Takes a Village to Build a Free, Open Source, 3D-Printed Robot:

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You Are Not Your Body – linked article by Jim Elvidge

Very nice posting by my friend Jim Elvidge, author of  The Universe Solved!

You Are Not Your Body

Highlights a number of the pertinent scientific sources that lend substantial evidence that consciousness exists external to the physicality of the brain/body.

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April Wind / April Joy

In the summer between junior and senior year in high school I got a job as an oil field worker for a few weeks; it was rather high pay, as unskilled work goes. While my friends were sinking the money they came by into fast cars, I was wanting to get some quality stereo gear – something of at least modest audiophile fidelity.

With that oil field money I was able to buy my first gear: Yamaha receiver, Sony direct drive turntable with a quality cartridge, and Bang & Olufsen speakers. These were 3-way book shelf speakers, and while not heavy on bass emphasis (but decent and tight), they were excellent starter speakers for the genre of music I was wanting this system for. I was into this new jazz guitarist artist, Pat Metheny.

My first album for this new system was the Pat Metheny Group white album. Listening to that album on this new system for the first time was one of the most astounding musical experiences I can recall. Sure, it was the combination of things that came together here that made it so special.

For jazz listening, its all about the nuance and detail of the music, and the dynamic range. No, my system was not audiophile high end, but for a kid still in high school, it wasn’t a bad start and it could certainly do justice for bringing Pat Metheny’s music to life for my listening pleasure.

With that intro here is April Wind / April Joy

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Audio Interview: Gnostic Themes in Blade Runner, Prometheus, and Alien


Miguel Conner runs the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio web site.

On Jan 26th, 2013 Miguel released an audio interview he did with me where we talk about the esoteric symbolism in my articles on Sir Ridley Scott’s films Blade Runner, Prometheus, and Alien.

[Update: this interview is now available on YouTube: Gnostic Themes in Blade Runner, Prometheus & Alien: Aeon Byte Gnostic]

The episode is available from iTunes. Go to Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio Show in iTunes.

For this show title click on View In iTunes to download using the iTunes client:
Roger Voss on Gnostic Themes in Blade Runner and Prometheus

The interview starts at 16:00 minutes into the podcast.

Just a heads-up: Miguel does these rather, shall we say, creative intros to podcast that are more than just simple bumper music. You can tell he’s really relishing being in the role of a societal heretic. Miguel will occasionally use provacative methaphors in his language for these intros that are a kind of “Howard Stern libertine” in flavor. If you don’t care for any Adult Explicit material, just jump forward to the interview. The interview is completely family friendly in language and use of metaphors.

Due to post-show request there is now also this: list of influences that relate to my articles

Miguel’s Show Teaser

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[awakening, synchronicity, Gnosticism, AAT, nature of reality/consciousness, etc.]