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Open source 3D printed robot project

November 24, 2013

This article is perhaps a harbinger of where the 3D printing revolution is heading – the complete democratization of human ingenuity. Consider that the person that is the subject of the linked article is an artist and sculptor, and sort of stumbled into the phenomenon of 3D printing. His initial interest started with just making a prosthetic hand mockup but has since morphed to a functional robotic human upper torso (see video). By posting CAD files on an Internet site, others were intrigued, download the files to print their own parts and make their own variations of the robot. The artist/sculptor then went on to teach himself the rudiments of programming the electronics that drives the servos, as well as speech recognition libraries that enable the robot to respond to commands.

There is certainly a lot of low cost gear for embedded electronics but 3D printing is the coupling of a very important facet. In times past it would have been difficult to make or come by the parts that comprise much of this robot. And the idea that it is entirely feasible for a community of enthusiast to innovate together on such projects… But it all started from one individual that had to teach himself – driven by curiosity and fascination.

Video of the robot:

It Takes a Village to Build a Free, Open Source, 3D-Printed Robot:

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