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A Very Compelling Case

December 21, 2013

The linked audio podcast is hosted on Mike Clelland’s Hidden Experience web site.

Mike and I are a year apart in age, born in same month, only differing by a few days as to the day of the month. I have a lot of parallel experiences to those of Mike and he remarked to me that I fit in this informal, but uncanny, profile of those that have contacted him via his web site presence – numeric synchronicity, waking life event synchronicities, experiencer of unusual “encounters”, etc.

My own bent has been more so into general esoteric research with a lot of emphasis on nature of reality/consciousness, human origins, and actual human history vis a vis ancient astronaut theory – but not so much on UFO phenomena.

Mike, however, very much researches that area of human experience (UFO phenomena).

Naturally all these subject areas ultimately intertwine with one another and really can’t be examined in absolute isolation (though that is very much the bias of our civilization’s predominate reductionist methodology).

The case represented here is astounding in respect to multiple witness of three different independent groups, commonality in witness reports, commonality of physical effects/evidence on witness bodies, unusual physical evidence collected from the occurrence site, the level of scientific nature (and seriousness) of the investigation. However, it was the months following the initial event that intrigued me as it meshed so completely with other phenomenal experience that am very familiar with. So in that ones sees an inkling of some sort of grand unification theory to underlay this wide range of reported high strangeness.

Kelly Cahill interview

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