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Awakening 101 – the baby step of gnosis

December 21, 2013

There’s really nothing partisan in what well known commentator, Bill Moyers, has to say in this video essay. It is simply a basic statement of the delusional nature of the so-called political arena.

It is an understanding that any engaged, rational person should have awoken to realize by now – that the mainstream presentation of daily reality encompassing the political arena and the media cannot be taken at face value, but instead is a system being worked exclusively by a very narrow group of insiders to their exclusive advantage.

None of the public facing political parties are at this top helm of control, but instead political parties, just as the “mainstream” media, are merely tools used to control, manipulate, and above all divert all others that are outside this narrow self-appointed conclave of elites.

This is basic Awakening 101 – the very most elementary transition of paradigm understanding that one undergoes. If you haven’t made it this far in the process yet, then you haven’t even gotten on 1st base.

Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy


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