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You Are Not Your Body – linked article by Jim Elvidge

April 18, 2013

Very nice posting by my friend Jim Elvidge, author of  The Universe Solved!

You Are Not Your Body

Highlights a number of the pertinent scientific sources that lend substantial evidence that consciousness exists external to the physicality of the brain/body.

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  1. Rich C. permalink


    I like what you tell us of your journey. The Gnostics appear to play a major role in many esoteric evolutions. With respect to your and Jim’s work on consciousness and programmed reality I am interested in your comments on the following:

    We live in a monoconscious programmed reality. That is, a reality specific to a single key consciousness – yours. This is simulation technology used in certain cases to educate, or modify human behaviors. The New Agers argue that it is you and only YOU that creates the reality around you. i.e. We have the Law of Attraction movement that teaches your emotional, aura, or “vibration” directly affects our reality projections. Change your vibration, you change your reality.

    All well except the monoconscious program responds only to one person. Thus delivers only a reflection of one person. This is not how human beings live. They live in an interactive community of people who offer a variety of ideas and influences; thus making a rich, diverse habitat. This is to suggest that the programmers of our reality, do not understand human nature well. And do their students and selves a disservice by continuing the monoconscious meme.

    My two cents. Thanks for your imaginative work. The few such as yourself willing to dig into these ideas, keep the enterprise for us recalcitrants interesting.


    • Hi Rich,

      Thanks for you perspective. I tend to agree that the virtual reality software program computes a public reality as some how it takes in account the state of each of our consciousness. In the lab the “observer” experiments rigorously produce output in a consistent manner for all participants to observe. So quantum physics experiments demonstrating the “weirdness” are rigorously repeatable in a scientific sense.

      Perhaps though you’ve heard of the quantum random number generator devices where these are in use around the world and are constantly monitored to see if global consciousness has any effect on quantum physics behavior such as radioactive decay (which from our reality perspective appears to be a truly random phenomena but statistically consistent). Those running this mass consciousness experiment claim these do deviate from normal when there have been disturbing events of a highly public and global awareness – that the devices show spikes on those occasions. Perhaps an indicator of the role of the consciousness of each one of us being computed by the reality rendering engine giving the shared experience as the outcome moment to moment.

      Based on my own experiences I now favor the nature of super reality as described in Dr. Michael Newton’s books. We are each a member in a soul group and these soul groups prepare life plans in respect to the lives as physical beings that they will live – for the purpose of learning lessons and advancing the state of the soul being.

      This is why the dilemma of suffering seems so puzzling from the human perspective. It is not the moral or religious rules we follow, etc., that necessarily gives rise to outcomes – it is the life plans and soul contracts prepared in the realm of super reality that give rise to challenging experiences that we go through. Often times the life plan will override fervent prayers while in other cases there is miraculous deliverance – it is a matter of what the souls need in their respective lessons to grow and evolve from. Very often souls are undergoing very challenging lessons, though. As souls we like it hard.

      If its any comfort, this is a school and it has a very, very difficult curriculum that we undergo over many life times.

      As you can tell I don’t subscribe to the “think happy thoughts” New Age belief systems. They are like ethical living – a good general rule of thumb to live by (be positive of mind). And yes, this does effect the reality rendering program. Yet there will be soul lessons and soul contracts that supersede.

      The global Awakening that continues to unfold is yet another matter – and topic for a blog posting. It heralds something different is afoot than usual reincarnation cycle that has been in play for so long.


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