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April Wind / April Joy

April 8, 2013

In the summer between junior and senior year in high school I got a job as an oil field worker for a few weeks; it was rather high pay, as unskilled work goes. While my friends were sinking the money they came by into fast cars, I was wanting to get some quality stereo gear – something of at least modest audiophile fidelity.

With that oil field money I was able to buy my first gear: Yamaha receiver, Sony direct drive turntable with a quality cartridge, and Bang & Olufsen speakers. These were 3-way book shelf speakers, and while not heavy on bass emphasis (but decent and tight), they were excellent starter speakers for the genre of music I was wanting this system for. I was into this new jazz guitarist artist, Pat Metheny.

My first album for this new system was the Pat Metheny Group white album. Listening to that album on this new system for the first time was one of the most astounding musical experiences I can recall. Sure, it was the combination of things that came together here that made it so special.

For jazz listening, its all about the nuance and detail of the music, and the dynamic range. No, my system was not audiophile high end, but for a kid still in high school, it wasn’t a bad start and it could certainly do justice for bringing Pat Metheny’s music to life for my listening pleasure.

With that intro here is April Wind / April Joy

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