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Audio Interview: Gnostic Themes in Blade Runner, Prometheus, and Alien

March 25, 2013


Miguel Conner runs the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio web site.

On Jan 26th, 2013 Miguel released an audio interview he did with me where we talk about the esoteric symbolism in my articles on Sir Ridley Scott’s films Blade Runner, Prometheus, and Alien.

[Update: this interview is now available on YouTube: Gnostic Themes in Blade Runner, Prometheus & Alien: Aeon Byte Gnostic]

The episode is available from iTunes. Go to Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio Show in iTunes.

For this show title click on View In iTunes to download using the iTunes client:
Roger Voss on Gnostic Themes in Blade Runner and Prometheus

The interview starts at 16:00 minutes into the podcast.

Just a heads-up: Miguel does these rather, shall we say, creative intros to podcast that are more than just simple bumper music. You can tell he’s really relishing being in the role of a societal heretic. Miguel will occasionally use provacative methaphors in his language for these intros that are a kind of “Howard Stern libertine” in flavor. If you don’t care for any Adult Explicit material, just jump forward to the interview. The interview is completely family friendly in language and use of metaphors.

Due to post-show request there is now also this: list of influences that relate to my articles

Miguel’s Show Teaser

MyCoreArticles (and some related links)
[awakening, synchronicity, Gnosticism, AAT, nature of reality/consciousness, etc.]



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