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3 TED Talks We Are Not Supposed To See (article link)

March 22, 2013

3 TED Talks We Are Not Supposed To See (article link)

Do you think TED Talks provide a forum for innovative thinkers, presenters that sometimes challenge status quo assumptions, those who have a genuine outside-the-box perspective?

You need to reconsider, then, what you’ve believed about TED Talks – it turns out they really behave much the same as the Church’s suppression of Galileo, in respect to censoring that which they deem unacceptable for the public to hear about.

(Yes, I know, 2nd time in less than a week that I’ve linked to another article. This one really got my goat as I’ve read much of Graham Hancock materials over the years and scientist Rupert Sheldrake. That these individuals are being censored is beyond the pale. Those that are content with science’s 19th century cul de sac carry the day – for now.)

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