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Do You Know Someone Who Is Hiding Their Spirituality? (article link)

March 17, 2013

Do You Know Someone Who Is Hiding Their Spirituality? (article link)

I usually don’t post a blog item just as a link to someone else’s article. Today am making an exception. This article hit me right between the eyes – hopefully my third eye is okay:

Pull quotes:

“Do you know someone who is hiding their spirituality? As the awakening continues to gain momentum, many people are finding themselves caught between following their hearts and what other people might think of them.”

“The media rarely ever encourages the exploration of spiritual or metaphysical topics and chooses to entertain us with ego-ladened reality shows or fear propaganda through regular programming, the news and feature length movies, all of which take us away from following our spiritual paths.”

“By opening up to our true selves, we begin to develop a new circle of spiritual friends who accept us for who we are. We’re able to talk to these people about ANYTHING without judgment or ridicule.”

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