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Number 11 Synchronicity

December 17, 2012

(originally posted on: October 13, 2012 12:00)

I sync with special numbers on the order of about 30 times a day. (Estimate based on weeks of logs I kept back when was still rather shook up by this phenomena.)

When I happen to glance at any manner of digital display throughout the day, these special numbers predominantly show up. Usually it’s a clock of some kind, but could be an odometer, or work out equipment, etc., etc. I can’t force it – my mind will be on something else and will then just happen to glance at some digital display and the numbers will be there. Or when I first get into a car, or right as I arrive at a destination, or wake up in the morning and first glance at the time. My daily routine has been utterly synced with this phenomena for going on for over a year and a half. By now I’ve settled down and am no longer bothered by it.

The number 11 and multiples of 11 predominate: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and then a triple digit variation on these: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555. The 11, 33, and especially 44 are the most frequent. On displays that can show it, 77 and 777 are also prominent as are these particular combinations: 11:11, 9:11 and combination of 7 with 11, as in 7:11 or 11:07. The 444 number is also special for some reason and crops up a lot. (There’s a movie that even uses 4:44 in its title as there is a “folklore” that this is a numerological symbol of the end of the world or the end of time. For the record, I don’t personally ascribe to any manner of apocalyptic view.)

One other thing – syncs to these numbers can spike out the roof when I’m in, say, physical vicinity of someone that is in my Soul Group (people that I’ve had vivid dreams about which is later confirmed via a waking life synchronicity involving the respective person).

I one time contacted Mike Clelland of the Hidden Experience web site (and podcast) by email and related to him the paranormal phenomena that started happening back in Spring of 2009 – and, of course, the number 11 syncs (emailed him the logs to demonstrate). He then inquired about my year, month, and day of birth. He and I were born 1 year apart, same month, and only 4 days apart. Since he’s established his web site people have gravitated to it and that when contacting him, many tend to fall into a similar profile. There is a clumping of birth date that is clustered within a 3 to 4 year range and centered around a birth month. He too marks 2009 as a particularly noteworthy year in the onset of an awakening process. We also tended to line up on other profile matters. Mike’s web site is thus a sort of unofficial clearing house.

The hypnotherapist and prolific author Dolores Cannon says that in her work she has learned that there are waves of volunteers. Her profile of these individuals bears some similarity to the things in Mike’s working profile.

The one thing that this phenomena demonstrates, even if one is unsure of its precise meaning, is that the fabric of reality is not a random cake walk – it is not objective and separate from ourselves. The fabric of reality is (or can be) highly orchestrated. Which probably boils down to that everything unfolds to plans where we exert freedom of choice in pivotal situations that arise through life. And that reinforces the concept that this is a training ground virtual reality in which we strive to perfect ourselves spiritually.

To me personally (given this number 11 syncing started happening just a matter of about 18 months ago) this is the Higher Self signaling to wake up and get on with what I’m supposed to do. Since 2009 I’ve started writing articles on esoteric matters – starting with this article, Heiser vs. Sitchin. Before then, I wrote articles on subject matters pertaining to my profession. A switch of some sort flipped along the way and now the passion is about the esoteric matters. The two articles on the films Blade Runner and Prometheus I think encapsulate the entirety of what needs to be said. These articles in particular tend to really upset people but they very much are intended to assist in the waking up transition to the true nature of reality and certain things about who we are. They ultimately point people to what is vitally important – the engagement of personal gnosis.

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